Young people come into the university unaware of the opportunities available to them as undergraduates. Some come with various skills while others come with a desire to learn and acquire knowledge that will help them become a better version of themselves. However, a high percentage, loose both their education and skills all in the pursuit of varying degrees of relevance in the society.

Admittedly, there is need to acquire formal education which provides a platform of networking with lots of people with many other opportunities as a student. But it has been discovered that many young people come into the university system skilled in one area or the other but are challenged by the sudden conflict of balancing the development and utilization of their skills with the demands of their academic pursuit. Owing to this, they oftentimes end up abandoning their skills, talents and potentials.

Though some try to develop these skills after graduation but often times find it difficult to do so and as such give up in the process due to other demands of life.

It is important to note that in this twenty-first century, knowledge and skill are keys we must have to explore the opportunities available especially to young persons in the society. Therefore, knowledge and skill must have a balance in our education system.

Our Vision

To be the leading community of young people connecting to solve societal and educational problems in Africa.

Our Mission

To transform the lives of young people through advanced skills development to support, empower, for the future of work raising a generation of business leaders, problem solvers, change makers and entrepreneurs who will enhance technological, economic and social development across Africa.

About Young People Connect

Young People Connect (YPC) is an African non-profit organization founded in 2017 headquartered in Calabar, Nigeria.

YPC seeks to connect the dots in the educational system through advanced skills development to support, empower and transform the lives of school leavers positioning young people for the future of work.

Through its programmes and activities, YPC complements professional/graduates qualifications with the necessary skill set, positioning young people for marketplace opportunities, raising a generation of business leaders, problem solvers, change makers and entrepreneurs who enhance technological, economic and social development across Africa.

With relevant supports and collaborations, YPC will empower 10,000 Africans before 2025 with technological tools, business leadership and promote entrepreneurship through her trainings and opportunities to contribute to Africa’s educational development and technological advancement.

Young People connect is the HOME OF SKILLS for every young Africans.


The YPC was initiated after a thoughtful and detailed study which revealed that many young people, especially undergraduates and recent graduates, do not understand the importance of possessing vocational and soft skills in today’s world. Many are focused on bagging a degree and getting a white collar job. Only very few possess skills but are faced with the challenge of combining their skills or trade with the rigors of a typical institution of higher learning in Nigeria.

A recent statistic showed that 18.8% of the entire Nigeria population are unemployed. This figure will continue to rise unless there is an intervention.

The YPC seek to bridge the gap between formal education and other forms of learning. Through strategic events, conferences and mentoring, we hope to help young people discover and realize their full potentials, support them in their ideas and connect them with people who can serve as guides in their career, professional and entrepreneurial journey.

We seek to balance the skill-school equilibrium.

Daily, there are beyond the classroom projects and out of the box questions consciously or subconsciously asked within and without our institutions of learning. It is therefore pertinent to bring together out of the box thinkers, world changers and thought leaders who will also proffer out of the box solutions. Hence, the birth of Young People Connect.

 The Young People Connect is an initiative that is aimed at empowering young people with relevant information and skills that give them competitive advantage in a fast growing and dynamic world.

To facilitate this, YPC runs an annual conference called “Connect Conference” and educates young people that are unemployed and equip them with skills and information virtually.

 YPC was founded by Etim, Joseph Joseph.