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Young People Connect (YPC) is an African non-pro t organization founded in 2017

With relevant supports and collaborations, YPC will empower 10,000 Africans before 2025 with digital skills, business leadership and promote entrepreneurship through her trainings and incubation opportunities to contribute to Africa’s educational development and technological advancement.


Remostart, a leading startup dedicated to recruiting and offering remote job opportunities to tech talents in Africa is set to empower the continent’s most vibrant tech community at the highly anticipated Connect Conference 2023. The event, holding on July 22, 2023, in Abuja will provide an invaluable platform for Remostart to collaborate with aspiring and experienced technologists, fostering innovation and unlocking the potential of remote work in Africa.

Connect Conference 2023 will gather tech enthusiasts, industry experts, and thought leaders from across Africa, serving as a nexus for knowledge sharing, networking, and showcasing groundbreaking developments. Remostart is set to seize this opportunity to present its vision of transforming the African tech landscape by providing remote job opportunities and driving economic growth in the region.

With a staggering participation of over 2000 talented techies, Remostart’s presence at the conference will highlight its dedication to nurturing the immense potential of the African tech ecosystem.

Remostart’s participation at Connect Conference 2023 marks the announcement of several key initiatives and collaborations.

Moreover, Remostart will utilize the Connect Conference platform to unveil its upcoming internship program, which will connect experienced remote professionals with aspiring techies in Africa. This initiative aims to foster mentorship and guidance, providing invaluable support for the next generation of African tech leaders.

Remostart is excited about the impact this conference will have in fostering innovation and empowering the African tech community: “We believe that the future of work is remote, and Africa has a wealth of untapped tech talent. Connect Conference 2023 has provided an exceptional platform for Remostart to showcase our commitment towards empowering African technologists and revolutionizing remote job opportunities. Through our strategic partnerships and internship program, we are confident in our ability to drive positive change and catalyze growth in the African tech sector.”

Connect Conference 2023 will not only cement Remostart’s position as a leader in the remote workspace but will also highlight the tremendous potential of African technologists to contribute to global innovation. Remostart remains steadfast in its mission to create a level playing field for African tech talent, enabling them to harness their skills and contribute to global projects while thriving in the remote work era.

About Remostart:

Remostart is a pioneering startup dedicated to recruiting and offering remote job opportunities to tech talents in Africa. By leveraging the power of technology and global connectivity, Remostart aims to empower African technologists and create a thriving remote work ecosystem in the continent. Through strategic partnerships, internship programs, and knowledge-sharing initiatives, Remostart is revolutionizing the way African tech talents access job opportunities and contribute to global innovation.

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