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Young People Connect (YPC) is an African non-pro t organization founded in 2017

With relevant supports and collaborations, YPC will empower 10,000 Africans before 2025 with digital skills, business leadership and promote entrepreneurship through her trainings and incubation opportunities to contribute to Africa’s educational development and technological advancement.



The Connect conference is an educating and engaging event lled with pulsating moments of deliberate interactions, insights and trainings poised to marry the academic and business worlds.


            To inspire, educate, and instigate a mindset shift in young undergraduates, graduates, corps members, and unemployed youths about the necessity and feasibility of acquiring additional skills alongside their academic or professional qualifications.


            To foster a balanced discussion on the interplay between skills and formal education, guiding our audience on navigating and succeeding in their career pursuits.


            To establish a networking platform for like-minded young individuals, creating a synergy that propels career advancement and drives positive change in society.


            To assist participants in discovering and maximizing opportunities available to undergraduates and graduates alike.


            To connect young individuals with skill acquisition training, internship, and employment opportunities.


            To provide information to our participants about workshops, conferences, and training sessions that can aid in the development of their skills, talents, and gifts.


            To decrease the number of unskilled young individuals and school dropouts while increasing the pool of employable young people.


            To equip our youth for the evolving landscape of future job opportunities.