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Skills Vs School

School Offers you the opportunity to learn without boundaries. to really succeed in the 21st century your school must be backed with skills

Future of Jobs

The future of jobs is remote and independant on location. all that is required is your skills and ability to deliver

Skills Need Character

Its not enough to have skills, its not enough to build just skills because you need more than just skills to become successful good character is an indispensible ingredient of good success

Skills Versus School

Young People Connect

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Future of Jobs

YPC Africa

The Future of Jobs Conference 2019

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Nuggets from our Connect Session


YPC is an incredible platform for any young person seeking to learn, share and connect with like-minds and grow exponentially. Join YPC and take the leap in your life and career.
Grace Ihejiamaizu
Founder, iKapture Center for Development &
Young People Connect is a timely intervention that creates a stimulating environment for young people who desire to build the capacity for navigating present day realities of industry as well as prepare to align with ongoing economic evolutions.
Akomaye Ugar
Author | Pastor | Int’l leadership development speaker
YPC is a focused organization structured to help young people gain the clarity and skillful balance that positons them for the future.
Julius Afolabi
Senior Business Executive | Value Improvement Strategist


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